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Letter To You

Letter To You
Dear Brother: May the prosperity, mercy and blessings of God always terlimpahkan to you. As for after that: I pray to Allah wa subhaanahu ta'aalaa for this letter reaches you you're in good health and 'afiat. Perhaps you are wondering: Who me? There is what the hell I am writing this letter to you? What is the target behind the letter?. I say: You'll get answers to all of this between the lines the following inscription-Insha Allah. Relax and read the sentences written by your brothers who love and cherish you .... How appropriate for you is you are a Muslim and came from a good family, the pious and maintain the honor .... Its members are experts at Tawheed and diligently perform the prayer .... How appropriate for your father left the road and the ancestors! Even you disobey God's word and the word subhaanahu wa ta'aalaa His Messenger. Although there is goodness in your self-praise be to Allah that much-it's just that I want to ask you about the fire that you carry in your pocket and between your fingers ... and then you put in your mouth ... Relakah fire to son or your daughter .... of course you will say: "I am not willing for my son and then how to daughter or my sister! So why do you Relax yourself to do something that you yourself are not willing it to your son or daughter! So how do your family members from the sons and your daughters will grow well and are exemplary role models they see them blow and suck the poison in their house all the time! Surely they would follow his example and walking on the road?! What will you do to them in the future.
Beloved Brother The time to return has arrived! ... Leave the whisperings of Satan and hear the word of God and the word subhaanahu wa ta'aalaa sallallohu Messenger, upon him blessings and an explanation of the scholars of the law to consume or sell cigarettes. I will be asking one question that I want to find the answer from you by myself right now ... .. At the scales where these cigarettes are placed? On scales kebaikankah, or on the scales ugliness! Your answer will declare: "on balance bad" because he was not included Thayyib (good) and because there is no third position between good and evil .... Is not this so?! God subhaanahu ta'aalaa wa says:  ونضع الموازين القسط ليوم القيامة فلا تظلم نفس شيئا وإن كان مثقال حبة من خردل أتينا بها وكفى بنا حاسبين  (47) سورة الأنبياء "We will install the appropriate scales on the Day of Resurrection, then there is no one's harmed himself a bit, though (practice it) just as heavy as a mustard seed, We will be bring (balasanya) and it is enough that we make the calculation of the Essence" (al-Anbiya ': 47) Consider this case .... Where the hell you later in the day when humans flee from his brother, from mother and father, from his wife and children? Where the hell you later in the day when all women who breastfeed neglect of children fed and you see people in a drunken state, but they are not drunk! On the day that your hard-menunanti later one good! However you will now collect ugliness and sin! Even Pantaskah you include people who smell bad! Suffice danger for those of you that have banned smoking in public places in infidel countries?! See the list is very surprising to people who are sick of lung cancer, throat and diseases other cigarette!
Beloved brother Relakah you say a wicked! Or a smoker?! In fact you are so and so son of so and so. By Allah, if each puff of cigarettes is one bad then how many bad things that you have gathered since you started smoking? How will you find Allah wa subhaanahu ta'aalaa to bring these evils? Beware of the word of God subhaanahu wa ta'aalaa "Then let the people who violate orders Apostle fear of temptation or overwritten overwritten a painful doom" (An Nur: 64) Indeed, I ask refuge in Allah so that you do not include people who do not want to go back to Allah and His Messenger, do not want to walk behind the instructions will but follow the path of evil and adulterous Allah wa subhaanahu ta'aalaa in return for his favors which has been delegated to you .... in the form of wealth, health, two hands and lips. Dispose of what's in your hands, start a new chapter which sanctified by faith, decorated by the devotion and abandon what God has forbidden for consumption or sale?! Do you carry your sins on the Day of Resurrection with sins of the people who follow you from the kids and your friends who follow your footsteps until the Day of Judgement .... Without reducing their sins at all. Sallallohu Rasulullah 'alaihi wasallam said: "Whoever pointed out bad habits in Islam then he gets his sins and the sins which do so after him without reducing their sins at all" (Muslim) Sepantasnyalah you hear the word of God subhaanahu wa ta'aalaa and not repeat again. "Is it not the time come for those who believe, to submit to their hearts the remembrance of Allah and the truth is down (to them)" (Al-Hadid: 16) I take refuge in Allah if you listen to his verses are not khusu your heart ', a member of your body not your heart soft and do not want reconciliation. I handed to you Dear fatwa Shaikh Muhammad bin Sholeh al Uthaymeen about to consume tobacco and opium. He, may Allah bless him-said: "Smoking is forbidden as well as opium. The argument presented above it is the word of God subhaanahu wa ta'aalaa;  ولا تقتلوا أنفسكم  "And do not kill yourself" (An Nisa: 29) and His Word  ولا تلقوا بأيديكم إلى التهلكة  "And do not you drop yourself into destruction" (Al Baqarah: 195). It has been proven in medical science that consumes this stuff cause madharat. And if the cause madharat means unlawful. Another argument presented by the word of God subhaanahu wa ta'aalaa:  ولا تؤتوا السفهاء أموالكم التي جعل الله لكم قياما  (5) سورة النساء "And do not leave it to people who are not perfect minds, the property (those in your charge) that God made a staple of life" (An Nisa ': 5) God forbid we give wealth to people who do not complete their minds because they will waste and ruin. No doubt that spend the treasure to buy cigarettes or opium means wasting and damaging property is prohibited by the argument of this paragraph. In a Sunna stated that the Messenger sallallohu 'alaihi wasallam forbade a waste of money "being spent treasure on these items including a waste of money. And because the Prophet sallallohu 'alaihi wasallam said: لا ضرر ولا ضرار
"They should not inflict harm (to others) as well as reply to the dangers with other hazards" are taking this stuff to cause harm (madharat). And since these goods makes people dependent on him. If he does not get it, chest tightness and the world feels narrow for him so that he put into him something he did not actually need " So I pray to Allah wa subhaanahu ta'aalaa presumably this letter till to a good place in your heart and you are determined to repent of all sin and error. And may you will soon repent in time as soon as possible before death claimed the lives ... Be smart, have an obsession, Inabah rehab centers (to God) and be glad with great kindness and a lot of reward. Allah wa subhaanahu ta'aalaa said: "Truly Allah loves those who repent and to love those who purify themselves" (Al Baqarah: 222) What a glory position if Allah wa subhaanahu ta'aalaa love you and make you include his servants brought near. Do you become a weak, unstable personality and the people who were conquered by the devil and left the streets of heaven as the word sollallohu 'alaihi wasallam [كل أمتي يدخلون الجنة إلا من أبى قلوا ومن أبى يا رسول الله? قال: من أطاعني دخل الجنة ومن عصاني فقد أبى]
"Each of my people will enter Paradise except those who are reluctant." They (the Companions) asked: "O Prophet! Who is reluctant? He said: "Whoever mentaatiku he will enter Paradise and whoever is adulterous to me means he has been reluctant" (Bukhari) Sholawat and always greet our Prophet Muhammad terlimpahkan sallallohu 'alaihi wasallam, his family and friends all.
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